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Joanna Mavridou

Greek exchange student

Greek student Joanna Mavridou was one of nine undergraduates from The Ionian University in Corfu who came to the Language Academy towards the end of 2014 to practise her English skills.

Joanna is in her final year studying Legal and Technical Translation in Greek, English and German, and as part of her course had to spend one semester in England. The 22 year-old chose to come to the Language Academy and was impressed by the tutors and their way of teaching.

“All of our tutors were helpful, full of understanding and patient,” said Joanna.

“They helped us a lot throughout our assignments and encouraged us to ask them questions when participating in an activity. Interaction and discussion played a big role in the classroom. Their way of lecturing was based on conversation and co-operation between students, no matter which country each of us came from.”

As well as studying English Language modules, Joanna took the opportunity to explore some different areas of study whilst at UCLan. She took a couple of Human Resource Management and Marketing modules and admits she may look further into those areas when choosing postgraduate study.

The facilities at UCLan aim to provide students with the best resources available to succeed in their studies as well as enjoying life outside of the classroom, and are something Joanna highlights as being the best aspect of the university.

“In Greece, we have good universities, but unfortunately there is an enormous lack of facilities. At UCLan we had access to the university gym, which was amazing, and also the 24-hour library which we regularly used.”



“The structure impressed us and the fact that everything was organised online was also convenient. Even for just the one semester we understood how lucky the students are at the university to have this kind of stuff available to them.”

Joanna and the rest of the Greek students may have only been in the UK for four months but wasted no time in exploring the major cities and sights that the country has to offer.

“We all saw the semester in the UK as a great opportunity to travel a lot! There were visits to Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Blackpool, York, Lancaster and of course, London. Everyone travelled and experienced the UK in a specific and unique way. Moreover, we also visited Scotland and Ireland to experience every aspect of the UK,” explained the Greek student.

“I personally enjoyed London the most because of the sightseeing and the multicultural society there. Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, was also such a beautiful place to visit and is a must if someone likes his works. Scotland also had a magical landscape, and is full of stunning cities which made me feel like I was in a movie!”

Around one in five people living in Preston are students and is a statistic which Joanna feels makes the city a great place to study.

“I think that UCLan gives life to Preston. The city was full of students from all around the world. The nightlife was really good as there are plenty of options if someone wanted to go out. I believe that our favourite place in Preston was Avenham Park. We adored its landscape and had lots of walks there.

“The location, halfway between London and Edinburgh, also made our travelling task easier and more convenient as the big cities were never too far away.”