Joanna Hart

BA (Hons) Product Design (2014)

Product Design lecturer and alumni Joanna Hart spoke after her talk during the Product Design graduate experience day where she gave helpful advice and shared her journey with current students.

Joanna begins by telling us what she got up to after graduating in 2014. “After I graduated I went to a consultancy based in Salisbury called Innovate Product Design where I produced loads of different products in all different areas.”

Networking is a great way to get around in this type of industry and in Joanna’s case it was a familiar face that would be in contact with her for her next career move. “Now I am actually working at the University of Central Lancashire as a product design lecturer. It fell into place quite well, I spent two years at Innovate and found it was time to move on and find something different. That is when I got a phone call from my old lecturer who said they were a man down and needed someone to fill in the gap to teach.” Joanna was asked to fill the role and quickly took up the offer to return to the University.

When asked about the memories of studying product design and her time at the University, Joanna remembers how the studio spaces would become to feel like home. “I loved the homely atmosphere in the studios, you would bring in your slippers and have your mugs of tea or coffee to the point where you were tempted to bring your onesies in and just work that way. It was a nice chilled environment in the studio.”

Joanna Hart

Joanna’s advice for anyone looking to do something similar to her would be; “Keep open-minded and don’t be afraid of people being negative about your work. Rise above it and keep on going.”

From graduating to now working at the University, Joanna tells us the impact that UCLan has had on her and how it has helped get her to where she is today. “At UCLan I have definitely improved on how I would interact with people in terms of socialising as well as not being afraid to ask a stupid question. I am now more than happy to fire loads of questions and soak up as much information as possible.”