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Jenny Minard

BA (Hons) Journalism, 2006

After graduating with a degree in BA (Hons) Journalism in 2006, Jenny Minard’s list of jobs and media collaborations seems endless. 

Starting off in the industry by doing work experience at the Manchester Evening News during her holidays, and then at The Bolton News, she was among the first people to pass the NCTJ in Senior Sub-Editing when it was introduced in 2007-08. Although she is certain her newspaper experience secured her first media job, she then moved on to work in radio, TV and digital as a presenter, journalist and producer. 

Her diverse skills as a multimedia journalist enabled her to work for the BBC on the prestigious Olympics coverage for London 2012 Online, followed by jobs at Radio 2, 6 Music, BBC Four, Radio Berkshire, The Politics Show, Entertainment Online, Radio Manchester, Radio 4, 5 live and Radio 3.

Currently, Jenny works as a Social Media Consultant, Digital Producer and Journalist on various projects- including at the record label Universal and for other top digital agencies in London.

Jenny says that her three years spent at UCLan studying journalism taught her the basics, which became vital in her career. “It taught me how to find a good news story, how to be inquisitive, how to draw out answers in an interview and how to be versatile in any area of journalism, be it subbing, taking photos or writing music reviews.

“The course was highly respected at the time which gave me the advantage over other students competing for work experience and job opportunities.”

She thinks the secret to success in an industry where there aren’t as many jobs as there were previously is becoming a true multimedia journalist - “Get work experience and muck in!”

“Have a specialism, but make sure you are multi-skilled enough that you can turn your hand to most jobs. Show that you can write, take a photo, film raw footage, edit video, be prepared to go on air if needs be, use social media and know how to sell your stories.

“Do work experience - but don't let them use you! During my holidays I worked at The Manchester Evening News - I'm certain this gained me my first job. Two work experience shifts working for Radio Manchester gained me my first real BBC job. Don't do it forever, just enough so that you're learning and it looks good on your CV.


“Always be prepared to make the tea - I did it backstage at Reading Festival three years running, even though I had eight years in the business. A truly amazing experience, never beneath me! As cheesy as it sounds - enjoy it!”