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Jasmin Evans

Final year, BSc Physics student, Jasmin Evans, credits her high school physics teacher for her passion for physics, to the point where the thought of studying anything else at university wasn’t even an option.

“Physics has fascinated me since GCSE when I had an inspiring teacher who sparked my curiosity in the subject. No other area interested me as much as physics and I can’t imagine studying anything else,” Jasmin said.

Jasmin is now in to her fourth year at UCLan after taking the foundation route in to her course, which gave her the mathematical knowledge that she needed to take the step up to degree level. As well as the knowledge it brought, Jasmin also believes the foundation year brought her confidence on leaps and bounds and provided her with the “just go for it” mentality that she has today.

In terms of the course itself, Jasmin has praised the balance in teaching between maths, physics and astronomy in first year, which allowed her to pick what she was going to specialise in during future years, with the knowledge that she’d had a taste of all three.

“In first year, I liked the balance of maths and physics modules, and being able to undertake lab sessions from day one. We had the opportunity to learn about both physics and astronomy before deciding on our specialty in year two,” Jasmin said.

“For the most part the teaching at UCLan is exemplary with lecturers operating an open door policy to get help when you need it. Support for students wanting to undertake any international trips, attend conferences and hold events is absolutely outstanding. I definitely would not have had the opportunity to participate in these without the support of staff here.”

Throughout her time at UCLan, Jasmin has taken part in many outreach activities, including the Lancashire Science Festival every year since 2014. However, perhaps more impressively, she has set up her own project called Touching Space, a scheme that aims to encourage blind and partially sighted people to get in to Astronomy.

“I have been volunteering with the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute at the Lancashire Science Festival since 2014, talking to school children and families about physics and space science over three days,” Jasmin said.

“I also ran my own outreach project called Touching Space which aimed to help blind and partially sighted people get into astronomy and engineering through a series of tactile activities and robotics.”

jasmin evans

As well as this highly commendable feat, Jasmin has kept herself busy. She undertook internships at NASA Goddard in Maryland, and the Ogden Trust. She also attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology in Arizona, demonstrating her ability to work overseas as well as in Preston - a place she now refers to as “a home from home.”

You can also find Jasmin behind the bar at Source, the University’s students union bar, or at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre where, along with many other students she takes full advantage of the free gym membership.

It’s always nice to say hard work rewarded and providing Jasmin obtains a 2:2 or higher in her degree, it will do, as she has been offered a job at Lockheed Martin for when she graduates.