James Marsh

2nd Year BA (Hons) Film, Media and Popular Culture Student

UCLan student, James Marsh, recently undertook a two-day work experience placement at the ITV studios Orange Tower in Media City, Salford.

Currently in his second year of studying BA (Hons) Film, Media and Popular Culture, James sourced this opportunity through his own connections and persistence to get in touch with professionals within the industry. Provided with the opportunity to meet the director of ITV as well as networking with presenters and journalists, James commented on his highlights of the placement:

“It was fascinating to see how the staff members didn’t stick to one job; one day they might be operating cameras, the next they might be working on sound. I also enjoyed the filming; going out, observing and learning what goes into setting up for the press conferences.”

Working at Media City allowed James to explore the different aspects of the industry he is currently studying and working towards developing his career. The first day involved working behind the scenes at the shoot of a press conference, a children’s football game and Q&A session with the Rochdale football players whilst the second day gave James the chance to explore the technical aspect such as the studio preparation and observing the live filming of the 6pm news.

As well as an invaluable experience, James took the opportunity to build on his contacts within the industry for enquiring about potential apprenticeships and job openings after he graduates. Reflecting on his University study, James commented on his experience of the degree course:

“It’s a really enjoyable course. You don’t just learn about film, you learn about all forms of media; and all of the lecturers on the course will be more than happy to help you along the way.”

16 April 2018