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Jake Oman

MSc International Applied Communication

"The thing I enjoyed the most were lectures and seminars, which were really good, the resources (hard copies and e-resources) from the library and the colourful international environment. At first it was a bit difficult to settle in, which is probably the same for all the international students, but once you get to know the people and the campus it's much easier. In the end it is kind of difficult to go back home!

It was very easy for me to make international friends since we were all in the same situation and came to Preston alone. I would advise students to try to make the most out of your studies in terms of studying hard and socialise as much as possible, attend different activities (social, sport, professional), make friends and expand your network.

I would recommend studying abroad to everybody. It is a very useful experience in terms of professional and personal development. I would also recommend the at UCLan, since the acquired understanding in the filed of international PR is really solid."