Jahnavi Monya Q&A

BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering

What made you decide to study Aerospace Engineering at UCLan?

The structure of the course and how its broken down into four individual modules allowing students to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. As well as, having a focused module – aero vehicles that helped to develop my passion about space.

What are the facilities like?

The facilities at UCLan are easily accessible, the workshop is open every day and the technicians are always there to help you. My favourite thing about the facilities here is that, it is so easy to get in touch with your teachers. For example, for our design project, we can message out tutor on Microsoft teams and they’re able to reply within minutes. The library books are also very accessible either online from the comfort of my own room or the library itself, which is open 24/7. Also, the sports facilities are remarkable, and all the classes and the gym membership is free.

Have you been involved in any projects?

I’m involved in projects lead by the Engineering society. I chose to get involved in the Aerospace project - a two year+ project to build a rocket that will go up to a height of 11,000 ft. This has not only broadened my knowledge about rockets but also taught me to work in a team effectively and use the skills gained outside of the Rocket project.

One memory that sticks out from your time at UCLan so far?

Going on the UAV conference trip to London in the second month of being at UCLan. I cannot believe how organised the trip was and being able to represent UCLan at an event like UAV is truly an amazing opportunity.


Any tips to prospective students?

Keep your eyes on your goal and when going gets tough, focus on that goal to keep you going.

18 March 2019