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Jack Bentley

BA (Hons) Philosophy (2011)

Jack Bentley joined the UCLan BA Philosophy course in 2008, on the back of some (by his own admission) rather disappointing A Level results.  Nevertheless, Jack worked hard, applied himself, and began to really enjoy the subject.  The more he enjoyed it the more work he put in, and the happy outcome was a well-deserved first-class degree in philosophy. 

Jack said: “I began studying at UCLan in September 2008 after a period of not really knowing what I wanted to do. I had an interest in philosophy but thought my lack of previous academic excellence may have held me back. I was very wrong.

“I took so much from my time studying Philosophy at UCLan.  Not only did I learn a lot but I've made some lifelong friends and now have a better idea of what I would like to do. After graduating I applied to do an MA in Philosophy at Durham University, which I have just finished with a good overall mark. My undergraduate course also allowed me to grow and mature as a person, and most importantly, I met my fiancée (and my best man) at UCLan. We’re getting married in April! I had the best time at UCLan and, if it were only possible, I’d do it over and over again.”