Jack Wilson-Mumford

BA (Hons) Sports Journalism

Jack Wilson-Mumford

When choosing to study at university, Jack made full use of Open Days to get an understanding of what he wanted to take up as a degree. “I came on the Open Day at UCLan and the facilities were impressive but I was immediately struck by the warm, friendly welcome. That is what I was looking for to ensure I got the most out of my time at university. My love of sports and good grades in English made Sports Journalism a choice that suited me.”

After graduating in July 2016, two days later, Jack started working as a Content Intern at City Football Marketing, Manchester City Football Club. “Since finishing my course in May, I had plenty of time to prepare for working life and interviews for posts. It just so happened that the official end of my university life and start of my professional life were in the same week.”

Whilst studying in his second year at UCLan, Jack took the opportunity to gain work experience at City Football Marketing and worked in the office once a week. “I must have earned the trust of the team as I was offered a paid match day role during my third year that acted as both a part-time job and excellent work experience in the press box for Premier League and Champions League matches at the Etihad Stadium. That left me in pole position when the full-time role was advertised in June 2016. I applied, interviewed and was offered a 12 month contract!”

Within his role, Jack is responsible for the creation and delivery of the most extensive text, video and social media coverage of the academy in the club’s history while playing a key role in both first team and women’s content, platform management and programme production while working to strict deadlines.

Talking about his greatest achievement since graduating, Jack says: “If I’m going to aggressively pat myself on the back, I would say I’m proud of how comfortable I have been working alongside players that I idolised just a few years ago. It’s not a particularly ground-breaking feat but it’s something that was necessary to produce respected journalistic content.”

Jack describes his lasting memories of UCLan: “My time at university was defined more by the experiences – working and social, in a group or on my own – than the work done in tutorials or in the library. I did work hard on the academic front but learning about the industry I was looking to join is what helped me the most. When I look back on to my time at UCLan, most of my memories come from the people I met in Preston. I made friends for life as well as contacts that have already helped me in my career.”

When asked to give advice to anyone looking to do something similar, Jack said: “My advice would always be to study something you enjoy regardless of whether you’re concerned that it will lead to a good job. For me, university was about a life changing experience and I was only likely to become that involved if it was something I liked. You have a lot of time on your hands as a student so if you can fill that time by absorbing and enjoying as much as you can, you’ll feel more confident that you’re ready to join the big, bad world when you graduate.”

Talking about how his degree has had an impact on his current employment or life in general, Jack ends by saying: “My life at UCLan has shaped almost every aspect of my life. It was the best three years of my life and I imagine that statement will still be true for a long time to come. Without the help from tutors I would not have got the place on my work experience, and without all the friends I made in Preston, the city wouldn’t still have such a hold on me.”