Jack William Davenport

From an early age Jack always had a great passion for music whether that be the process of composition, music for film, rock music, pop music and experimental music. After studying music at both GCSE and A Level, he became more interested in the recording studio side of music, leading him to apply for the BA (Hons) Music Production course at UCLan, Jack said “The great facilities and diverse course curriculum really fuelled my intrigue and passion for all things sound and music.”

After graduating with a first in 2016, Jack continued to work in a self-employed business, Conflux Productions, that he and another student had set up in 2015 and were awarded a UCLan Student Entrepreneurship award for their work and ideas on their collaborative business. He continued to work on compositional show reels and bespoke commission based music for advertising, short films and online videos.

Conflux Productions were approached by members of UCLan to work as consultants on the Global Sound Movement research project where Jack gained the job role of Creative Development and Production Manager within the University. He had previously worked with Global Sound Movement in 2015 when he was chosen to be part of a team that went out to Uganda in East Africa to record rare and unique instruments. Jack continued to work alongside Global Sound Movement during his time of study, travelling to other countries such as Cyprus to record and collate more audio recordings.

Speaking of his greatest achievement since graduating, in November 2016, the Global Sound Movement won a prestigious Times Higher Education Award, “it was such an honour to represent UCLan and receive the award for ‘Excellence and Innovation in The Arts’ alongside my fellow workmates at the Global Sound Movement.”

Jack praises his experience at UCLan and values the knowledge he gained whilst studying at the university, saying: “I definitely wouldn’t be where I am at the moment if it wasn’t for the experience and knowledge I acquired during my undergraduate degree at UCLan.”

When asked what advice he would give to prospective students wanting to do something similar, Jack says: “Take every chance and opportunity that is presented to you during your university days. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I hadn’t responded to a small email that was sent out to my whole course in the second semester of my second year. Apply yourself, make the most of the facilities and lecturers at hand, and enjoy the UCLan Experience.”

Looking to the future, Jack is currently in the process of applying for a PhD at UCLan, “I could be here for a few more years!”