Chief Growth Officer for Capita, Mr Ismail Amla inspires MBA students

Mr Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer for Capita attends UCLan to deliver an engaging session on corporate governance and its increasingly important role in driving responsible business to MBA students.

Capita is an international consulting, digital services and software organisation, delivering innovative solutions and simplifying the connections between businesses and customers, governments and citizens. Ismail supports Capita’s transformation and organic growth plans whilst driving change in the company’s sales model.

Mr Ismail has also been announced as one of the top 100 most influential Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) leaders in the UK tech sector.

The compelling and interactive session Ismail delivered to MBA UCLan students focused on corporate governance and the valuable employability skills students should engage with to excel in their future careers. Mr Amla emphasised the importance of networking with professionals within industry especially via platforms such as LinkedIn to create industry links and enrich learning by applying what has been learnt at university.  

Ismail Alma

Mr Ismail Amla

Completing internships and gaining industry experience is one of the greatest ways to become employable. Learning agility is the ability to continually learn and adapt in new situations to figure out the best solution. This is best learnt through gaining industry experiences. No matter what stage someone is in their career they are always learning, whether this is a constant reinvention or being curious of what is going on in the world. Leaning never stops. Ismail highlighted these are all very important skills and competencies to develop, especially within students as they progress into professional careers.

“Think positive and you will succeed.”

Ismail’s perspective on the current industry environment is fresh and pioneering. His wealth of experience, knowledge and success in the business environment motivated MBA UCLan students to succeed in their prospects.

Mr Ismail Amla commented; “Lots of fun presenting to international MBA students at UCLAN on Corporate governance and its increasingly important role in driving responsible business.”

UCLan MBA Student, Omkar Pawar commented; “It is interesting to learn from an industry professional that has worked hard to become very successful and now an influential leader. Real life examples are more relatable and engaging rather than text book content.”

The MBA Course Leader, Dr Victoria Jackson, was very grateful to Mr Amla for coming in and speaking to the MBA students about his wealth of business experience. “This was an engaging and interactive session which benefited not only the students’ knowledge and mind-set, but also contributes towards building stronger relations between industry and academia.”

28th November 2019