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International Opportunities for Maths Students

Salma Younus- Third Year Student

Following a 10 week research internship within the Mathematics department at UCLan, Salma was offered an exciting opportunity to present her work at NCUR 2012, an international undergraduate conference in Utah, USA.

Whilst in Utah, Salma attended the three day conference, where her research was presented from 3500 undergrads from America, as well as some from around the world. However, UCLan was the only university from the UK who had students participating, which Salma said made her feel special and glad to be a part of UCLan.

She said: “Not only did I benefit from a fully funded trip to America; I had the amazing chance to present my work to students and scholars from all areas of research from all around the world. I got to present my research; I spoke to lots of undergraduates about theirs, made friends and had an awesome time!

“This experience certainly made me stand out from peers and was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”