India Henry

BSc (Hons) Sexual Health Studies, 2018

"The main reason I decided that UCLan was the best option for me was largely due to the fact that it’s the only place in the North West to offer the BSc (Hons) Sexual Health Studies undergraduate course. In addition to this, it was also very close to my home in Manchester so I knew that I would feel comfortable and be in the position to be able to stay at home and commute whilst completing my studies, which is exactly what I’ve done.

I’ve received and accepted a job offer as a Sexual Health Advisor and Asset Based Community Development lead therefore, my main plan for after graduation is to enjoy the work I’ll be doing. Securing this role as Sexual Health Advisor has also been my biggest achievement thus far. As well as this, another big aim of mine is to go travelling around the world and visit different countries.

The main benefits have been the opportunities I have been given based on the degree. For instance, the trips to Wales, Amsterdam and Kenya and also the experience I gained from these journeys means that I now have a wider concept of knowledge that very few others have.

Challenges I have overcome includes balancing University life and working, often I would end up focusing on one more than the other and face repercussions. I feel like now I’ve found a steady balance and I can make time for myself as well.

I think that current students need to think of the benefits that come with a Sexual Health degree. Especially for a course like ours, it’s unique. Not many people out there can say that they’ve got a degree in Sexual Health and consequently I think the best advice piece of advice I can give is to keep going and never give up."

11 April 2018