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Igor Ivanyk

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Igor Ivanyk is a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Ukraine and completed his MBA at UCLan in 2008.

Having four years of IT experience, Igor decided to embark on the MBA because he felt he needed to understand his profession more clearly from a business perspective.

He said: “It became clear to me that further professional development should not be focused on pure information technology but on business in terms of IT impact. I needed to look at what IT means to a business and how to use it to bring sustainable business values to the Company.”

Igor chose UCLan because of its balance of quality education standards and acceptable fees. He said coming to UCLan was “truly the right choice” and described the MBA as a “career accelerator.”

“It’s given me excellent experience and has been a positive influence on my formation as a business manager. I now have the opportunity to be involved in management consulting, looking at IT from a business perspective and helping to empower the business using information technology.”