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Himayathullaah Hayathulla

MSc Sports Therapy

MSc Sports Therapy

"Following my graduation from UCLan in December 2012, I came back to my home country and began to search for a job.

I met an Arthroscopic surgery specialist Dr. Subair Khan who was really impressed with my hands-on skills and my knowledge in sports rehabilitation. He approached me with a plan of making me the chief sports therapist at his newly built Orthomed Hospital. Gaining a master's degree from UCLan was an added advantage for me, which helped me to show my skills.

My greatest achievement since graduating would be my job. As part of my chief sports therapist role I had to work along with a divisional cricket team and I rehabilitated a player who had undergone an ACL reconstruction. My rehabilitation protocol allowed him to get back to his game in 2-3 months.

As part of my role the management has asked me to look after the training of new staff, research and development, and the hospital's monthly magazine.

My advice to graduates is to make use of the resources with which you are being provided at UCLan. In sports therapy, practical exposure and hands-on skills is the main thing which will help you to shine in your career, so make use of the resources and get yourselves charged!"