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Helena Bylinski

Senior Administrative Officer in the School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Helena Bylinski

I love the fact that my job responsibilities are varied. I manage the staff within the School Admin Team and they are responsible for student records and supporting the academic staff. I also work with the School Executive Team where I contribute to the development of School strategies and policies as well as consult on admin matters.

I decided to apply for a job at UCLan because it is one of the largest employers in the region and also because of the benefits that employees receive here, such as flexitime. When I started, I was actually surprised to see just how many jobs, and the diversity of jobs that UCLan have to offer.

I started as a receptionist in 2005, and I have worked my way up. UCLan allowed me to take advantage of different training courses, and this helped in opening up further career opportunities. The courses did not only help me grow professionally in terms of my career, but also individually as a person.

UCLan is a very supportive place to work. I feel very valued and appreciated working here. I am able to use my knowledge and skills and contribute to other areas within the School. That’s the thing about UCLan; they give you the opportunity to progress, and appreciate what you have to say.

I also feel UCLan take a serious role in making people feel respected. There are so many different groups in place to support people.

To anyone thinking of applying to UCLan, I say do it!