Helen will take on the role of Athletics Coach at the Gold Coast 2018 Games. She is the current European Indoor Champion for the 3000m and is recognised as an Honorary Fellow for her contribution to British middle and long-distance running.

15 April 2018


13 April 2018


4 April 2018

Katie Jones (Para Lead Coach), Helen Clitheroe (Endurance) and Kelly Sotherton (Multi Events) at the Opening Ceremony viewing at holding camp. 

"Today we wore our ceremony uniforms and gathered to watch the Opening Ceremony on the big screens with the other athletes and staff at the hotel. I have been supporting the endurance athletes, which is from 800m up to marathon so my day involves coordinating transport and driving to training venues (track and trails) and supporting athletes during their training sessions. This could be from holding a stop watch, to call splits, to riding 17 miles of a marathon session on the bike to support with drinks and pace setting.

Iā€™m lucky to be amongst some very experienced coaches so Iā€™m learning a lot while Iā€™m here to further my knowledge."