Harvey Ashworth

Quantity Surveying

Harvey Ashworth has gone from a Plumbing apprenticeship to a UCLan graduate in Quantity Surveying, securing a job at Ameon Limited as a Commercial Manager.

Harvey, who graduated this summer, is responsible for the delivery of major projects, predominantly within the education, healthcare and residential markets through his role at Ameon Limited, a position that was made possible due to his degree from UCLan.

“In modern practise, a degree is becoming essential in my discipline. With it, I can now explore opportunities worldwide,” Harvey said.

“Additionally, it’s given me a great sense of personal achievement and I have gained confidence and have greater self-esteem from my time at UCLan.”

As with any degree, hard work was an essential ingredient for the success that Harvey has achieved through his time at UCLan, and although he studied part-time, the long hours that he put in are what he is most proud of from his university experience.

“I am very proud of the way that I committed myself to putting in the hard work that it required. Hard work became the norm during my three years at UCLan,” Harvey said.

“Only now looking back, particularly at those late nights that I spent working on my dissertation and preparing for exams, do I appreciate the way I was able to apply myself and ultimately what I was able to achieve.”

With Harvey set to make a career in the world of construction his advice to current and future students is to “go for it” and to “give it your best” whilst also warning that university is “possibly the most challenging thing that you will do in life.”