• Zoe

    BA(Hons) Community and Social Care : Policy and Practice (Year 3)


“As a single parent of a four-year old son it’s hard to find part-time work that fits around full-time study and child care.  Finding enough money to buy food and other everyday items became a major concern and started to overshadow my university work. I suffer with depression and with the pressure of my situation it started to affect me a lot more which left me feeling very negative about finishing my course." 

“The Harris Bursary Fund awarded me £250 worth of food vouchers which meant I could buy food for three months, a considerable load off my mind. I was also awarded a home computer meaning I could work on my assignments from home when I needed to look after my son and couldn’t get out of the house.

“Once I have completed my degree I hope to study a PhD in the area of health and then progress into lecturing. I would like to inspire others to study in the same way I have been encouraged by my tutors." 

Zoe’s advice

“My advice to other students would be to definitely apply to the Harris Bursary Fund. Filling out application forms can seem daunting sometimes but it’s certainly worth it if it means you can carry on with your studies.”

Zoe’s thank you

“Thank you so much, the awards I received were such a godsend. Your donations meant I could finish my second year and go on to gain my degree which means so much to me.”