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  • Vicky

    BA(Hons) Education and Professional Studies (Year 2)

    Harris Bursary Fund

“I returned to study at UCLan as a mature student with two young children. The decision to return to university was hard but as a family we decided that it would greatly improve my career prospects and a more stable future. My husband had been made redundant and we often struggled to keep up with monthly bills. Within one month of starting my course I was diagnosed with a rare brain disease.  It was a terrible shock and I struggled to keep up with the work load as I was taking time off for surgery and consultations. I was also told I was unable to drive and the cost of appropriate public transport for the whole family put increased strain on our already limited finances. All the stress made me feel like giving up my studies all together." 

“I was awarded £200 in food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund and with two growing children to feed they were a lifesaver. I was able to better budget my finances and put aside money for bills and travel costs knowing that my children wouldn’t go without. It was invaluable support for me at such a difficult time in my life.

“Now I have graduated I hope to gain a place on a PGCE course and specialise in teaching for special needs children. Once I am working within the profession I will take great pride in shaping the young minds of the children I teach." 

Vicky’s advice

“My advice to other students who are struggling would be to apply to the Harris Bursary Fund. Don’t let financial obstacles stand in the way of achieving your dreams and goals. Help is there for those who need it - all you have to do is ask.”

Vicky’s thank you

“Thank you so much to everyone who donates to this incredible charity. Without people like you the Harris Bursary Fund would not be able to provide students like myself with essential support that helps them continue with their studies. You have ensured my children were well provided for during a difficult time, this was such a weight off my shoulders and something I will always be grateful for.”