• Thomas

    BSc(Hons) Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation (Year 2)


“When I came to UCLan it was my first experience of living away from home and I was very unaware of how to manage finances and how to budget. I struggled to support myself especially with the expensive lab equipment and textbooks I needed for my course. My family aren’t very affluent so couldn’t offer much help and I was desperately looking for part-time jobs but to no avail." 

“The Harris Bursary Fund awarded me £200 worth of food vouchers. They really eased my anxiety about how I was going to be able to buy food. With that weight off my shoulders I was able to concentrate on my studies much more.

“I hope to graduate with a high grade as the forensic chemistry industry is such a competitive field that I really need to stand out to succeed. Hopefully my degree will allow me get a good job in a laboratory and earn enough money to help support my family." 

Thomas’s advice

“My advice to other students who are stressed because they cannot find the money to buy food and books for their course would be to apply to the Harris Bursary Fund. Applying to the Fund could help relieve your financial pressures and allow you focus on your studies again.”

Thomas’s thank you

“I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated to the Harris Bursary Fund as it is one of the most worthwhile charities I know. Without the food vouchers I really would have struggled to live in my first year and may have had to drop out of University altogether.”