• BA(Hons) Photography (Year 3)


“As a mature student with prior commitments funding my degree has been quite a challenge.  By the time I reached my third year I realised I would need some additional financial support.  I needed help to fund my final photography project which required exhibition quality prints for two degree shows in Preston and in London." 

“I received £100 in food vouchers which gave me the opportunity to free up some of my shopping allowance and put the money saved towards my final prints.  I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to afford to complete this project if it wasn’t for the help from the Harris Bursary Fund.  The reduced stress over financial issues was most welcome."

“I’m not sure of the exact photographic direction I will take in the future but having the opportunity to explore my creative potential through the degree has stood me in good stead for the future." 

Suzanne's Advice

“My advice to fellow students would be not to give up on your studies! There is help out there and there is funding available. To get so far through your degree and have to leave due to financial difficulties would be awful. You’ve put so much hard work in and you deserve to graduate just as much as anybody else. Don’t feel as though applying for funding is any sort of weakness as we all need financial help from time to time.”

Suzanne’s thank you

“I’m so grateful to anybody who has been able to donate time or money to the Harris Bursary Fund. Without your help I would really have struggled with my final project and possibly unable to complete my degree. Having made it into my final year I would have been heartbroken to have to leave due to financial difficulties. The help I’ve received from the Harris Bursary Fund has been a life-saver. Thank you!”