• Samantha

    BSc(Hons) Forensic Science with Anthropology (Year 2)


“I am the first in my family to go to university therefore we were not prepared for the financial struggles I would come up against being so far from home. My family tried their best to help me out financially during my first year.  However my father lost one of his jobs and my mother lost most of her hours at work rendering my family unable to help me when I was desperate for money." 

"Additionally my grandfather fell critically ill over the winter and I used the remainder of my exhausted overdraft to make the journey home in order to see him before he passed. Upon returning to Preston I had no money left for food, books, or stationery and was faced with having to leave university."

“I received £100 in food vouchers and £100 in book vouchers which allowed me to buy food and stationery to see me through the year. Without the Harris Bursary Fund I would have not been able to stay at university and continue with my studies.

“When I finish my degree at UCLan I will be the first member of my family to have gone through higher education and they will be so proud. I hope to work in the field of forensic conservation genetics. Also after taking time out to work full-time in order to save up money I hope to carry out an MSc in the subject at UCLan.

Samantha's Advice

“Times may be really hard and you may be feeling down and ready to give up but just take the time to think about all the effort that you have put into your studies so far and what it would mean if you had to give up now. The Harris Bursary Fund is there to help, the people are lovely and it is so simple to apply. Good luck with your studies and I hope it goes well.”

Samantha’s thank you

“Thank you so much for donating to the Harris Bursary Fund; without your help there would be many students left unable to continue with their studies. I am so grateful to everyone that has given to the Fund and look forward to continuing into my third year at UCLan.”