• Richard

    BSc(Hons) Media Production and Technology (Year 2)


“I emigrated from South Africa leaving my family and support network behind in the hope of improving my quality of life and career. When I first came to the UK I signed up to do an IT course but halfway through the company went into liquidation and I was left with a £7,000 debt to pay. When I came to UCLan I struggled to financially support myself and was holding down two jobs just to get by. " 

“I received £200 worth of food vouchers and a laptop from the Harris Bursary Fund. The food vouchers eased a lot of pressure and meant I could work less hours and spend more time on important assignments. The laptop allowed me to work from home on assignments which saved me the cost of travelling to the University library.

“My career goal is to work in sports television broadcasting. I would like to stay in the North West region and have thought about setting up my own local media production company." 

Richard’s advice

“My advice to other students who are struggling financially and might be thinking about dropping out of their course would be that it’s never too late to achieve your dream. UCLan and the Harris Bursary Fund have helped me to carry on pursuing my dream career and they can help you too. Things may seem tough but remember that there is help here at the University if you just look for it.”

Richard’s thank you

“The Harris Bursary Fund has done a great deal to help me in my time of strife and it’s thanks to people like you that it exists. I would like to thank you personally for your donations and I would like to urge anybody who is able to, to continue contributing to this worthy cause.”