• Rachel

    BA(Hons) Sports Studies (Year 3)


“Prior to studying at UCLan I had a full-time and well paid job. However I wanted to pursue my dream career of becoming a teacher so I applied to start university in 2008.  Having a small child at home I have struggled financially throughout my studies. Regardless of fitting two part-time jobs in alongside my studies I still struggled to make ends meet. However with determination and extra help I have not given up and I am due to graduate in July.  Also I look forward to starting a PGCE in September 2011." 

“In my first year I was fortunate to receive a brand new laptop from the Harris Bursary which I was ecstatic about.  The laptop was important to me as I was unable to afford my own laptop.  Travelling down to the library whenever I needed to use a computer proved extremely difficult as I had a young child to look after and he was obviously my number one priority to spend my time on.  The award spurred me on to progress with a positive outlook and great enthusiasm.  In my last year I was extremely grateful to receive £100 in food vouchers.  I was thankful for the vouchers as I was unable to work as many hours in my final year due to the huge workload from university.  This extra help eased my financial worries which allowed me to focus on my important final year of study.  I really do not think I would have finished my degree if it had not have been for this help."

“I am due to start a PGCE in primary teaching in September and following completion of this I will then be a qualified primary school teacher.  This will bring me great joy as I will be doing something I love.  I will be able to provide a financially secure life for my child.  I will also gain satisfaction from helping children have a successful start to life and provide them with a good education. 

Rachel's Advice

“My advice to fellow students would be that regardless of how greatly or little you are struggling financially, there is help out there and it can benefit you positively the same way it has done for me. The extra financial help can give you a greater feeling of financial security and diminish your worries. You should be focusing on the important things like your studies not money.”

Rachel’s thank you

“Words cannot describe how thankful I am for all the help I have received from the Harris Bursary Fund. The help has allowed me to finish my studies without the added stress and worry of finances. I know that without this help I would not have finished my studies due to financial strain and lack of resources.”