• Rachael

    BA(Hons) Sport Management (Year 3)

“I have been living independently since my first year of university.  My parents had a very low income and had unfortunately got themselves into debt.  I live with my partner and three-year-old son; my partner is on a low income so supporting our family is financially difficult.  We have always coped with living on our own, however for my third year I decided to undertake a placement in order to improve my job prospects after university.  This was unpaid and therefore created further challenges in keeping up with rent and paying bills - our situation became desperate and stressful." 

“I received £100 in food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund.  These were helpful as we could redeem them whenever we needed and it was definitely one less thing to worry about.  They helped us financially as it freed up money and allowed us time to sort out our household outgoings.  I was very close to quitting my placement due to the financial stress it was creating.  However knowing I was receiving support from the University was a huge relief and I stayed on in my placement."

“In the future I would like to work for a top sporting brand or retailer and I believe my experience on my placement will be vital in me securing that dream job.  The placement I undertook was at Manchester United Merchandising Limited and I cannot put a value on this experience.  I have developed a good business accruement and believe I will have a very good chance of gaining a well paid job in the future.  This is important in the current climate as the graduate employment market is so competitive." 

Rachael’s advice

“My advice to other students would be: don’t panic! Help is available so don’t be afraid to ask for it. Once you get the help you need you will start to see your situation from a new positive perspective and realise you can carry on and do your degree.”

Rachael’s thank you

“The Harris Bursary Fund has allowed me to continue with my studies and my placement. The placement has been the most important experience during my time at university. Due to the stress I was under juggling so many different responsibilities I was seriously considering quitting my studies. I felt I had taken too much on and unfortunately didn’t have support from my family. I cannot begin to explain how important it was to me that people were able and willing to support and help me to continue with my studies. Thank you so much!”