• Paul

    BA/BSc(Hons) Combined Honours (Year 2)


“Before I came to UCLan, I was on incapacity benefit and doing various voluntary activities.  I didn’t want to remain on incapacity benefit and working voluntarily so when the opportunity came to study at UCLan I grabbed the chance.  When I started my first year I received a letter from the DWP informing me that I was no longer eligible for incapacity benefit. This meant that my weekly living allowance was taken away, leaving me without the support I needed.  I am registered with the University as a student with a disability.  Having arthritis in my lower spine meant getting a part-time job would be impossible." 

“From the Harris Bursary Fund I received a new laptop. The laptop is ideal for me because it was lightweight and easily transportable.  With the laptop I can study on the ground floor of the Library which is great as I am not supposed to go to any floors higher due to my disability. "

“After my degree I want to go into the TV and film industry and hopefully make enough money for surgery on my spine.  I would love to direct an award-winning film and show this government that British filmmakers are worth investing in." 

Paul's Advice

“My advice to other students would be not to get embarrassed or think you are not worth investing in. It is not begging, as I once thought; it is a helping hand so you can climb higher in life. Not all of us are born into rich families and any extra help can aid you towards getting your degree by easing the pressures of university life.”

Paul’s thank you

“I wish to thank everyone who has donated money to the Harris Bursary Fund; your donations are helping me towards getting a degree. The award has made it a little easier for me to complete assignments. The laptop is light and easily transportable so I can do my essays more effectively, at home or in the Library. Your contribution is helping me towards having a productive life and a better future rather than a poor existence relying on the government.”