Harris Bursary - Kelly

  • Kelly

    DipHE Mental Health Nursing (Year 1)


“I am currently in my first year at university studying mental health nursing and I also have a two-year-old daughter.  Since starting at university money has been tight.  After buying necessities there is little spare money for me and my daughter to take part in fun or social activities.  I am a student nurse so half of my time at university is spent in clinical placements. Travelling to these placements can create large expenses.  My first placement lasted twelve weeks, so with the travel expenses left me significantly struggling financially." 

“I received a food voucher for £100 from the Harris Bursary Fund.  I was shocked as I did not think that I would qualify for the award as I felt there were people who must be financially worse off and in need of more help than me.  I spent the vouchers on food which meant we had a bit more money than usual and enabled us to take part in some social activities.  Being able to spend this special time with my daughter was lovely as I had hardly seen her for twelve weeks due to my placement."

“I will qualify in September 2011 and will be a registered mental health nurse.  I hope to have a successful career and be able to financially support and provide for my daughter." 

Kelly's Advice

“My advice to other students would be that there are lots of different types of financial support available although you may not be aware of them initially. Financial pressures do build up but my advice is to just hang in there.”

Kelly’s thank you

“Thank you so much for the help that you have provided. I didn’t realise that being a student would be so difficult to manage financially – so thank you to the Harris Bursary Fund for helping to ease my financial pressures.”