• Katie

    BA(Hons) Textiles (Year 3)


“In my second year I became aware that I would need to gain work experience to be successful after my degree.  I applied for the Disney International College Program, which is based in Orlando, and found a placement in costuming.  I knew right away that this was the placement I needed because Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and it fitted my course and future career aspirations perfectly.  I went to Disney and worked backstage in the character room and in the cast member uniform room for eleven weeks and had the time of my life. The Disney experience took its toll on my bank account despite receiving help from different people.  I have been struggling this year for money so I applied to the Access to Learning Fund and Harris Bursary Fund. " 

“I received £100 of food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund.  This has helped me hugely as food costs usually equal around £30 a week so by receiving this money I was able to fill my cupboards and not worry about food for well over a month.  I used the book vouchers to purchase the latest Vogue; art magazines are essential to me as a textiles student to learn the latest trends."

“In the future I hope to work for a theatre or entertainment company like the BBC, backstage in the costumes, props and accessories department." 

Katie's Advice

“I would say to any future students who need help not to suffer in silence. If you are in need of help you should go and ask for it. Stay determined no matter what struggles come your way and stay positive. Stay motivated and take time to apply for anything that may help. Follow your dreams and don’t let anything stand in your way.”

Katie’s thank you

“I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is involved with and gives to the Harris Bursary Fund. Your contributions have helped me with my money struggles and you have eased the costs of living for my third year. The final year of university can be very expensive; my degree show fabric costs have come to £195, so all help is appreciated. Art and design are some of the most expensive courses to study so your contributions help people like me enormously.”