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  • BA(Hons) Fashion Design (Year 2)


“When I came to UCLan I moved to Preston from Cumbria with my two-year-old daughter and found that the private accommodation available is very expensive. I also have had unforeseen problems with my student finance loans. I have struggled financially with full-time study, childcare and general living costs."

“I received £300 worth of food vouchers just before Christmas, which really helped with my family’s food costs and allowed us to enjoy Christmas without worrying too much about money."

“Once I have graduated I would like a career in the fashion industry which could support my family and that I would enjoy."

Katarina’s advice

“My advice to students who are struggling financially would be that there is always a solution to your worries, no matter how big they seem. I found my solution through the University and the Harris Bursary Fund; they really will do their best to help you succeed.”

Katarina’s thank you

“Thank you to everyone who has helped me through a hard time in my life through their donations. After months of struggling it was really nice to receive some financial help just before Christmas, it really helped make my family’s Christmas special.”