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  • John

    BSc(Hons) Web and Multimedia (Year 1)


“As a mature student and with eight-year-old twins it was a hard decision to come back and study at university.  The financial pressure which comes with that decision nearly made it impossible.  I also live 20 miles away from the campus at Preston which incurs great travelling expenses and with a partner on a low income it has been and continues to be a hard struggle to find money for food, the mortgage, bills and clothes for our family." 

“I received a laptop from the Harris Bursary Fund.  My own laptop ceased working around six months ago and I have had to travel into university to use the Library computers for my assignments when I did not have any classes which incurred additional travel costs and wasted time."

“The degree that I am studying at UCLan will give me and my family a completely different future.  I left college with basic qualifications and no idea what I wanted to do with my life in terms of a career and since then I have grown to realise the importance of a skilled degree.  I know when I have finished my degree it will allow me to obtain a well-paid job, this is only something I could dream of five years ago."

John's Advice

“University is a hard task, not only because of the intense study you have to complete but also the financial commitments involved. Lack of money for day-to-day living does make you feel like you want to give up and return to work but you must remember this is a very short period of time in the grand scheme of your life. A good degree choice will give you options in life and make it better for for you and your family.”

John’s thank you

“I can’t thank the people who donate to the Harris Bursary Fund enough and in this current financial climate it makes the Harris Bursary Fund even more important. The Fund is a massive help to people in my situation and without such support it would make returning to study as a mature student even harder or impossible to complete. The Harris Bursary Fund has reduced my financial stress that little bit more and for many people like me. Again I must say a huge thank you to those who contribute.”