• Joanna

    BA(Hons) Community and Social Work: Policy and Practice (Year 2)


“I am originally from Poland and a single parent to my five-year-old son. I had always dreamt about going to university but worried about how I would financially support my son whilst studying full-time. When I came to study at UCLan it was a huge risk for me as I have no family to rely on in England but I wanted to live my dream and study towards a brighter future."

“I received £200 worth of book tokens and £300 worth of food vouchers. The book tokens helped me a lot with my assignments as I was able to buy books that weren’t available in the library. My shopping bill was hugely reduced by the food vouchers and made a huge difference to my situation."

“Once I graduate I hope to achieve a meaningful career in community and social care that will let me help others."

Joanna’s advice

“My advice to students finding themselves in difficulties would be to not suffer alone as there are always people to help you. There is a lot of support at the University, including the Harris Bursary Fund, which you should try and apply for. You shouldn’t give up but fight your problems and carry on with your studies.”

Joanna’s thank you

“Saying thank you is not enough to describe how grateful I am for your support. The Harris Bursary Fund helped so much during my struggles. In the future I hope I can donate to the Fund and help other students in my position.”