• Indira

    BA(Hons) Community and Social Care: Policy and Practice (Year 1)


“Before coming to UCLan I had a serious accident that injured my lower back and I was unable to work. During this time I was also separated from my husband and was looking for temporary accommodation for myself and my children. When I started at UCLan I found it very difficult financially to support my family and study full-time, especially as I still couldn’t work due to my injury." 

“I received £250 in food vouchers and a laptop from the Harris Bursary Fund. They were such a great help because I couldn’t afford to buy enough food to feed my children and receiving a laptop meant I could fit my university work around my home life."

“Being a mature student and having waited all these years to achieve a qualification finishing my degree will be a dream come true. I want to play a positive role within our society and improve my local community by becoming a dedicated social care worker."  

Indira’s thank you

“To other students struggling financially I would say that I know that it’s not always easy to explain your problems to strangers and ask for help, but you should not go through these difficulties alone. I have always found support when I have looked for it at UCLan so please ask for help.”

Indira’s thank you

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has given help to students in need. I am most grateful for the kindness you have shown. I have benefited so much from your generosity, thank you!”