• Gareth

    BA(Hons) Sport Coaching (Year 3)

    Harris Bursary Fund

“Throughout my time at university money has been tight.  My financial struggles began to affect my studies as I could not afford my travel costs to university and I began to miss lessons.  It was unfair that my rent and utility bills were preventing my attendance." 

“From the Harris Bursary Fund I received £100 in food vouchers.  The food vouchers were particularly useful as I worked in the supermarket they were for, which meant I could use my staff discount and was able to buy more groceries."

“After university I am hope to start my own coaching business which I feel will benefit the community at large." 

Gareth’s Advice

“My advice to other students would be to apply to the Harris Bursary Fund if you are struggling because it was useful to me and could make a difference to you.”

Gareth’s thank you

“I would like to say thank you to everyone who has given money to the Harris Bursary Fund.  It has helped me and many other students to carry on with their studies.  I am very grateful for the help I have received.  Thank you.”