• Faye

    BA/BSc(Hons) Combined Honours (Year 2)


“Before starting at UCLan, I was made redundant which put a strain on my finances and my personal life.  My marriage broke down at the end of my first year at university and I had to find new housing for myself and my twin daughters and deal with the stress of my studies combined with my financial struggles. These changes affected my health and I suffered from two types of stress disorders." 

“I received food and book vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund which both helped alleviate some of the strain I was under and lifted my spirits. My stress disorders began to diminish and my drive to study strengthened again."

“Once I have completed my degree I hope to gain a job in the field I worked in previously. This will help my daughters as I feel they are missing out on things due to my financial difficulties."

Faye's Advice

“My advice to other students would be that help is out there. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. The University cares about its students; they want us to be able to complete our studies and be happy here too.”

Faye’s thank you

“Thank you for your donations; they help various students in all situations. Without the donations students may feel like they cannot carry on with their studies. The Harris Bursary Fund helped me financially and raised my spirits. It gave me the motivation to find that last drive to finish my degree and better my life.”