• Elliot

    BA(Hons) Accounting and Financial Studies (Year 2)


“Whilst studying at a different university I made the decision to move closer to home due to a family grievance and my mum and her partner of 10 years splitting up. My mum was in severe distress and I wanted to support her through this tough time. I started my study at UCLan and experienced unforeseen difficulties with my student funding which meant I had to self fund my first year. This meant that I was very short of money and it looked like I might have had to leave University as I couldn’t afford the tuition fees, travel and all the necessary equipment for my course." 

“I received a laptop and £250 worth of book vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund.  The laptop enabled me to get work done much quicker and the book vouchers meant I could buy my own textbooks for the course. This helped me enormously because it meant I didn’t have the time constraint of borrowing them from the library and I could do my work more effectively at my own pace."

“Through completion of my studies I hope to work in the finance industry, particularly in stockbroking, and earn enough money to repay what I owe and also help others. I want to achieve a career that will enable me to help my mum who has struggled as a single parent on a low income." 

Elliot’s advice

“I would advise students in a similar situation to myself to continue with their studies and try not to let the pressure of money problems affect them. I advise to get in touch with the Harris Bursary Fund as soon as possible because the vouchers you could receive can really make a difference.”

Elliot’s thank you

“I would like to say thank you to all who have donated to the Harris Bursary Fund as it enabled me to continue with my studies and support my family at a difficult time. Hopefully I can achieve a point in my career that allows me to financially support my family and be able to give money to the Harris Bursary Fund to help others in similar situations to myself. I am so grateful that your help has allowed me to chase this dream.”