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  • Duncan

    BSc(Hons) Network Computing (Year 1)


“I have suffered from clinical depression for over 20 years.  In the last three years this complaint has become more pronounced, to such an extent that it has become intrusive into my everyday activities. I am sometimes unable to work due to my mental illness and this means that with no family support, I solely exist on my student loan." 

“I received £100 in book vouchers as well as £100 of food vouchers to assist with my living expenses. This has been of great use to me as I cannot work at this time because of my illness.

“The whole of my next three years has only one objective. To achieve a first to enable me to get a good enough job that I can make regular visits to my estranged daughter in Holland."

Duncan's Advice

“My advice to other students is that there is always someone out there to help you. Due to the help I have received from the Harris Bursary Fund I have been able to make it through the final few weeks of my semester which were a financial struggle. If you need help all you need to do is ask.”

Duncan’s thank you

“I am overwhelmed with the generosity of spirit of some people. In the darker times when I felt alone, and the prospect of dropping out and returning to mediocrity was a real fear, the Harris Bursary Fund threw me a lifeline that I wholeheartedly held onto. To all of the people that have made a contribution to the Fund please accept my wholehearted thanks. Without your help I would surely have lost contact with my daughter - you have positively affected my own and my daughter’s life.”