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Harris Bursary - Denise

  • Denise

    BSc(Hons) Adult Nursing (Year 1)

    Harris Bursary Fund

“I have found the transition from working full-time to attending university financially difficult.  As a single parent I struggled with my finances and I was worried that my studies would suffer from the pressure of these different responsibilities." 

“From the Harris Bursary Fund I received £200 in book and grocery vouchers; this freed up money I was spending on food and university books to instead pay bills and travel costs.  This relieved some pressure as I was worried that the books I could afford to buy previously would not be good quality and would affect my studies."

“Through successful completion of my degree I hope to work as a nurse.  I believe working in this profession will have a positive impact on the community and on mine and my sons’ lives. " 

Denise's Advice

“If I were to give current students advice, I would say that the Harris Bursary Fund is worth applying for if you are struggling financially as it was created for students like you. Take comfort in the fact that one day it could be you helping others as soon as you are qualified and earning a good wage.”

Denise’s thank you

“If I were to write a letter of thanks to everyone who has donated to the Harris Bursary Fund I would write ‘Thank you very much, it is appreciated’.”