• BSc(Hons) Economics (Year 2)

“When I came to UCLan I gave up my paid job to focus on my studies fully. I soon came up against financial difficulty due to travel expenses commuting to University and unforeseen complications with my student funding application. Money was tight which meant I was unable to pay essential bills and I incurred late payment charges, so when my student loans came through it didn’t amount to a lot minus my debts. I found myself with just enough to live on throughout the year and the worry affected my studies.  " 

“I received £150 in food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund. The vouchers greatly improved my standard of living in my first year, providing enough food to live on and also essential study items for my course.

“On completion of my degree I hope to find myself a career in investment and financial services. I am currently applying for a number of placements and will carry on doing so throughout my degree to ensure I make the most of opportunities available to me whilst at UCLan."

Daniel’s advice

“My advice to students finding themselves in situations like mine would be to remember that gaining a degree will open up a world of opportunities. So no matter how bad your situation might be you should seek help and not give up.”

Daniel’s thank you

“I’d like to say thank you very much to those who help the Harris Bursary Fund, without the food vouchers I received I may not have been able to thrive during the first year of my degree.”