• Colette

    BA(Hons) Fashion (Sandwich) (Year 4)


“I was very worried of how I would cope with the pressures of my final year and how I would afford to produce a final collection; it is a major part of the assessment for my course. I knew I would have to go to Paris and also to London to source expensive and quality fabrics for my final collection.  Funding this year was a huge worry and I was unsure if I could do it." 

“I received £100 in food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund. This helped me hugely as I could concentrate on putting money towards my degree rather than food."

“I am the first person from my entire family to attend university. I hope to become a good fashion designer for either women’s or children’s wear working in the North West. Achievement of the BA(Hons) Fashion is an essential job requirement for my chosen field."

Colette's Advice

“I would recommend that future students should ask for help off the Harris Bursary Fund. Also do not give up on your studies – although it can be very difficult it will be a great achievement.”

Colette’s thank you

“I am so grateful for the help I have received from the Harris Bursary Fund, so a huge thank you to all those who have helped. Without the help from the Harris Bursary Fund I would have really struggled to get through my final year at university. I cannot thank you enough! Please continue to support the Harris Bursary Fund and help future UCLan students.”