• Charlene

    DipHE Mental Health Nursing (Year 2)

“As parents of three teenage children my partner and I made the decision to improve our family’s life and retrain to achieve better careers, with a goal to one day emigrate to Australia. I am now in my second year of my course and my partner is about to complete his plumbing qualification. This has meant we have had to sacrifice my partner’s full-time job so he can study and we have struggled to support our family financially.

“I received a brand new laptop with Microsoft Office package and other useful student software installed on it. I’ve been able to complete my work at home rather than travelling to the library which has really benefited my family as I am at home more. I was also awarded £200 worth of book vouchers which I used to purchase eight important nursing textbooks that have really helped with my studies.

“I have been successful in gaining a work placement in Australia. This fantastic opportunity will give me confidence and help me gain skills ready for when I qualify as a mental health nurse. This couldn’t have been possible without the help of the Harris Bursary Fund.

Charlene’s advice

“My advice to any student struggling because of money would be to seek out help from UCLan financial services and the Harris Bursary Fund. They are there to help and they can make a massive difference to your situation.”

Charlene’s thank you

“I would like to thank you so much for all the help I have received, your donations and what the Harris Bursary Fund does makes a tremendous difference to students like me.”