• Charity

    BA(Hons) International Journalism (Year 2)


“Three years ago I was kicked out of my mother’s house and forced to live in a hostel in Manchester.  It was the worst experience of my life; I was treated as if I were a prostitute, drug addict or thief.  I was offered a council house and I was on benefits.  I then made the life-changing decision to come to university despite the fact I was told I would no longer be entitled to any benefits.  I did not have any savings or family support so I knew it would be a struggle.  I find it hard to support myself financially; all my student loans go on bills, rent and train fair to and from Manchester." 

“I received £100 worth of food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund. This meant I had food for more than three months and didn’t have to worry about shopping bills. I made sure that I used the vouchers wisely and made them last. I also received £100 in book vouchers. I managed to buy my core Journalism textbook which cost over £40. Journalism books are hard to find and are expensive; having the vouchers helped me buy the books that I needed to continue with my education."

“I hope to become a correspondent for CNN. I have always wanted to work for the news channel and I believe that finishing my degree will lead me to my dream Job. I would love to work in Africa as a news reporter and hopefully be able to impart all the skills that I have learned in England. I already work for a community organisation on a voluntary basis helping young boys and girls achieve their dreams by teaching them music and writing."

Charity's Advice

“My advice to other students would be to talk to someone and not to suffer alone. I have received great help from the Harris Bursary Fund; I have found that there is always someone to help at UCLan. Keep on going! Three years ago I was staying in a hostel with no hope, but now I can proudly say that I will be graduating with an International Journalism BA.”

Charity’s thank you

“Thank you so much to all those that donate to the Harris Bursary Fund, you make it possible for the University to help people like me. Without your help I would have been sick, stressed and not able to finish my course. This Fund has opened my eyes to the fact that UCLan don’t just care about my education but they also care about my welfare. I am very grateful for your help, you have helped many more like me and we would not be able to cope without that support.”