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  • Ayisat

    BA(Hons) Textiles (Year 1)

    Harris Bursary Fund

“I wasn’t inspired by my first year at university and knew I could not continue on the course with success.  I decided to change my focus and study textiles.  However Student Finance England couldn’t support me fully for the first year on my new degree and I began struggling to support myself financially.  A few months into my new degree the worst happened and I lost my part-time job so I simply had no way to eat or pay rent.   I eventually accepted the reality that I could not afford to live at university so I moved back home.  Once home my partner and mother were able to support my transport costs but I was still struggling to pay for other basic necessities." 

“The Harris Bursary Fund awarded me food vouchers which helped me to stop worrying about going hungry.  If it wasn’t for the award I feel I would have caved in from pressure and quit university.  The award gave me the moral boost I needed to complete the last months of my study.  Luckily now I have a new part-time job and I’ve completed my degree projects so a lot of pressure has been lifted from my shoulders."

“When I graduate my mother and partner will be so proud, they have both shown me incredible support throughout my degree.  In the future I intend to work as a freelance designer and stylist.  I have already made a start in establishing my own styling business and I’m ready for the challenges of running your own business.  When successful I would be able to care for my mother the same way she has cared for me; she has worsening medical problems and I want to be in a position where I can help." 

Ayisat’s Advice

“My advice to current students would be not to give up as there is always a more productive option. Seek help if you are struggling; there a lot of services within the University that are there to help you. University can be stressful so why not take advantage of the help available.”

Ayisat’s thank you

“Thank you. I truly appreciate your support. If it was not for your help and donations I could have easily ended up leaving university without a degree. I look forward to making donations to the Harris Bursary Fund in the future to help students who are struggling like I did.”