• Attila

    BSc(Hons) Construction Project Management (Year 1)

    Harris Bursary Fund

“Being a mature student with a family of two young children it was a hard decision to go back into full-time education.  Committing to a debt of thousands of pounds upon graduation was a hard decision to make but I believe I made the right decision.  Juggling my family life and my full-time study has been a challenge and has had an effect on my financial stability.  With rising childcare costs it has been hard to find enough money each month." 

“From the Harris Bursary Fund I have received an award of a laptop.  This laptop enables me to prepare and research my university work at home which is practical help as I have two children who need my care constantly."

“On completion of my studies I hope for employment in the field of construction project management and to continue in my search for prosperity. 

Attila's Advice

“My advice to other students would be that help is at hand. If you have fallen into hardship you can apply for support through the Access to Learning Fund and the Harris Bursary Fund. Thanks to the help I have been given I am now a step closer to achieving my dream of a degree at UCLan."

Attila’s thank you

“Thank you for your donations.  Every year hundreds of students living in different situations of hardship can begin or continue their studies because of the support from the Harris Bursary Fund. You are enabling them to pursue a better future and helping build a better society for all of us.”