• Anthony

    BA(Hons) Sports Studies (Year 3)

    Harris Bursary Fund

“When I came to study at UCLan it was my first time away from my family and my home country. I encountered many obstacles and was unprepared for the cost of basic living in Preston. I couldn’t support myself financially and the worry of it started to affect my studies and I began to question if I could remain at University."

“I received £300 worth of food vouchers after seeking help from the Harris Bursary fund. They took my claim seriously and understood my concerns. The vouchers meant I could buy food shopping for many weeks and I could again focus on my university work and enjoying my experience at UCLan."

“Since graduating in July 2012 I have found myself full-time employment and in the future I hope to become a health professional helping communities in my local area."

Anthony’s advice

“If I could pass on any piece of advice to students who are struggling financially I would tell them to speak to someone at the University about it. Many people are in the same situation and there are places that can help you.”

Anthony’s thank you

“To all the individuals that make donations to the Harris Bursary Fund I would just like to say - thank you, each and every one of you helped me finish my studies and become a graduate of UCLan.”