• Annette

    BA(Hons) Public Health (Year 2)


“I am a single parent to two teenage boys. I came to UCLan as a mature student after working full-time for a long time. Juggling my finances has been a struggle with trying to provide for two teenagers and study full-time."

“I am immensely grateful to the Harris Bursary Fund for providing me with food vouchers. Having two growing sons is rather expensive, especially as they eat so much. My weekly shopping bill is extortionate! I try to keep to a budget but there are times when supplies become low, especially everyday items such as bread and milk. Having the food vouchers to spend definitely eased the burden of my weekly shopping bills."

“I feel confident for the future and certainly do not regret my decision to return to study. On completion I am hoping to obtain a job in my chosen field. This will give me and my children a better standard of living. In addition, once I am in my new career, I will be putting something back into the community by being able to help other people."

Annette's Advice

“My advice to other students is if you are in similar financial hardship then apply for the Harris Bursary Fund. When I applied I thought that there would be so many other people applying that I would not receive anything. So I was delighted when I received the vouchers.”

Annette’s thank you

“Thank you so much for providing donations to enable the Harris Bursary Fund to continue, especially in the current financial climate. You have helped make my life easier as I don’t have to constantly worry about providing food for my children. This has meant that I am able to concentrate fully on my studies. I feel very fortunate to have been a recipient of an award. Your continuing support of this very worthwhile scheme is essential in order to help students, such as myself, and their families to fulfil their dreams of being able to study at university.”