• Annette

    BA(Hons) Public Health (Year 3)


“I am a single parent to two teenage boys and came to UCLan as a mature student, having previously worked full-time. It was a risk giving up work but I wanted to fulfil my potential and gain the career I’d always wanted. The financial implications have been huge and I have struggled to balance providing for family and full-time study."

“Over my three years of study at UCLan I have received supermarket vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund. They enabled me to purchase everyday food and household items and especially helped during the run up to Christmas which as a mother is very expensive time of year. In my final year I was also awarded book vouchers which were invaluable as I could purchase the extremely expensive yet necessary textbooks I needed for my research.

“I have recently graduated from UCLan and achieved a First. My experience has been fantastic, I’ve been able to present my work at national conferences and participate in a Research Internship Scheme. I am hoping to undertake full-time postgraduate study at UCLan within the area of health. 

Annette’s thank you

“My advice to students finding themselves in similar circumstances to my own during their study would be to realise there is always help available and not to worry alone. The University is so helpful, especially to those students who are having financial difficulties. Go and speak to an advisor at student services and they will help you with your situation.”

Annette’s thank you

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who donates to the Harris Bursary Fund. The Harris Bursary Fund is really worthwhile and positively encourages students who may be thinking of giving up their studies to carry on and achieve their absolute best. Your donations really are appreciated by the students who are lucky enough to receive its benefits. You have made a significant difference to my family’s wellbeing during my three years of study.”