• Angela

    BA/BSc(Hons) Combined/Joints (Year 2)


“I have returned to study as a mature student. I am a single parent of two children: a 15-year-old with Asperger's syndrome and a four-year-old. I have found it quite a challenge to balance my responsibilities but I am determined to finish my degree."

“I received book vouchers and a printer from the Harris Bursary Fund. This award has helped as both books and computer equipment are expensive Items."

“When I finish my degree I would like a job teaching or supporting children and families who are in foster care or refuges. I hope my work will have a positive impact on their lives and inspire them to get the most out of life."

Angela's Advice

“If I had to give advice to other students I would encourage them to never give up. UCLan is a fantastic university in terms of the help that they offer. The Harris Bursary Fund is a brilliant scheme that helps students who need extra support.”

Angela’s thank you

“I would like to say thank you for all the donations that are given by organisations and individuals in support of the Harris Bursary Fund. Thank you so much for helping sustain this well-needed charity; it really helps students who are having a hard time at university”