• Amanda

    BSc(Hons) Health Psychology (Year 2)


“As a single parent I find it difficult to juggle my finances with the responsibility of full-time study and care of my son who has learning difficulties. I live quite some distance from the University and travel costs were really starting to add up also. I found I was spending a lot of money on printing for my course and ideally needed a home printer, but I knew I couldn’t afford it."

“When I was awarded a new printer from the Harris Bursary Fund it really made my day as it meant one less financial worry to think about. I can now print out all my work at home which also frees up valuable extra time to spend with my son.

“Once I graduate I hope to progress onto a postgraduate degree in psychotherapy. My family would be so proud if I was able to achieve this and it would enable me to give my son a better standard of living. This goal would not be possible without the Harris Bursary Fund as I may have had to end my study due to financial reasons.

Amanda’s Advice

“If you are a student struggling financially please do not hesitate in seeking help from the Harris Bursary Fund. They can help take a burden off your shoulders, especially when you need to be focusing on the positive outcome of finishing your degree."

Amanda’s thank you

"I cannot thank the Harris Bursary Fund enough for their help. The award of a new printer relieved the anxiety of trying to figure out how I would stretch my already limited budgets to afford one. I hope the good work of the Fund continues and helps many others out of their financial hardship.”