Graphic Design student Dominic Parsons wins Creative Conscience Award

type for change banner
Second year Graphic Design student Dominic Parsons, won a prize in the recent Creative Conscience Awards for his project about computer hacking ‘Type for Change’.

The project ‘Type for Change’ visually communicates the achievements of the online activist community highlighting the true power for change we all have at our fingertips. ‘Type for Change’ is a composite typeface that has been designed to represent this world-wide community. It was created by sourcing and compiling different keys, taken from both PC and Apple keyboards from all regions and nations across the globe where online activism has become an important tool for change.

“Entering design competitions in the second year gives us a great opportunity to have our work recognised by industry before we go out on placement.” Dominic Parsons BA (Hons) Graphic Design Second Year Student